Neocremar participates in the German food fair ‘Fi Europe 2023’

Neocremar Co., Ltd. participates in the FI Europe 2023 fair and is creating contact points with new customers.

  • Exhibition Title : Fi Europe 2023
  • Exhibition venue : Frankfurt Messe, Germany
  • Exhibition Period : November 28~30, 2023 (Tue-Thu)
  • Promotional Products: NeoGOS (Gut Health, Skin Health), FatSlim, Coreblast5, DNF-10, Amino Acids Premix

‘Fi Europe’ is Europe’s largest trade fair for food and food additives, held every two years, attracting an average of more than 1,000 global companies and 11,000 professional buyers.

At this expo, Neocremar formed the Korean Pavilion with 6 companies, showing that it is a representative company in the Korean food industry.

In addition, Neocremar plans to introduce various high-performance materials such as NeoGOS, Coreblast5, and DNF-10 at ‘Fi Europe 2023’ to try various approaches to the global market such as Europe.

With the world’s focus on organic diets and sustainable food systems, Neocremar is accelerating innovation in the food ecosystem to satisfy consumer tastes, showing more possibilities.

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