High standard manufacturing facilities

and Best working environment


Introducing Plant

NEO CREMAR Co., Ltd., leading the growth of the food industry, constructed the most advanced plant equipped
with highly specialized production facilities, the greatest working environment and food production system.

Established in 5 buildings with the total floor space of 4,989㎡ over a 9,596㎡-land, Iksan Plant is a production facility that can compete with multinational companies in the future, having introduced automatic air conditioning control system and installing HEPA filters in all worksites to maintain the level of cleanliness in all processes similar to those of advanced facilities. In addition, a front room is placed to reinforce cross-contamination prevention and differential pressure control, and, by considering product manufacturing sensitive to humidity, general air conditioning and dehumidifying air conditioning have been introduced.

Location 86 Dongchonje-gil, Wanggung-myeon, Iksan-si, Jeonbuk-do
Scale 5 buildings with 2 floors on an area of 9,596.2 ㎡
Products Galactooligosaccharide, Organic GOS/FOS/IMO, Newoligo, Palatinose-L
Production capacity Secured 2,000 tons/year production Capa
  • Functional sugar and peptide manufacturing specialized plant
  • Separation and purification capabilities secured through the installation of UF/NF/Ion Exchanger and other equipment
  • Protein/dietary fiber separation capabilities secured through the installation of Decantar/Separator and other equipment
  • Powdering capabilities secured by installing Spray Dryer
  • GMP established to secure finished product production line
  • HACCP, Vegan, Halal, FSSC22000 certification acquired
Main equipment Powder mixing equipment, liquid equipment, powder drying equipment, warehouse, etc.