Creative leadership that leads the first trend The highest level of research and development The highest level of technology quality The highest level of food safety infrastructure CSV that grows with customers


Creative leadership  Top-notch R&D The highest level of technology Top-notch food safety infrastructure CSV that grows with customers


“Neo Cremar” is a professional manufacturer of functional food ingredients and food additives that contribute to the qualitative improvement of food. Based on more than 20 years of history, “Neo Cremar” maintains domestic and overseas branch offices and supplies functional food materials of the highest quality through systematic technical sales and continuous R&D


Neo Cremar is a specialized manufacturer of functional food ingredients and food additives, manufacturing and supplying various functional carbohydrates, proteins and organic ingredients.


Neo Cremar manufactures food ingredients that help increase lactic acid bacteria on the skin as well the gut.

Elderly friendly food

“Neo Crema” is leading the way in developing foods that can help with the intake of elderly and patient food, nutritional supplements, digestion and absorption as the aging population grows.

Substitute food

Neo Cremar is developing alternative foods such as planted based meat, cultured meat, to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by the increase of world population and meat consumption.

Functional food

Neo Cremar is a specialized manufacturing company that develops functional ingredients and finished product using them, and has research experience and know-how of various categories through industry-university cooperation.


Neo Cremar is expanding its business to the healthcare business and conducting research on various diseases, such as discovering new biologic medicine, natural product drugs and pharmaceutical supplements.

Promotional video

This is a promotional video for DNF10 and BEAUTY OLIGO, the representative products of ‘Neo cremar’


‘Neo Cremar’ is taking on more diverse challenges through cooperation with various institutions and actively participating in seminars and exhibitions both domestically and abroad

Introducing Neo cremar’s business departments.

Seoul headquarters close to Ogeum Station

Iksan plant located in the national food cluster

Awards, accolades and certifications received.