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The human gut is home to beneficial microorganisms, probiotics. Low-molecular fiber that passes through the stomach and small intestine without being digested helps the growth of good bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria,prebiotics. Prebiotics play a role in supporting gut health. Those that contain metabolites produced by good bacteria are called postbiotics.

Neo Cremar directly produces and distributes these unique microbiome materials.


Oligosaccharides, which are prebiotics, are carbohydrates that consist of relatively small numbers of glucose or monosaccharides such as fructose.

Since oligosaccharides with a prebiotic effect are hard to absorb into the body, they have low or no calories, and are not well utilized by harmful bacteria in the mouth and gut, so they generally do not cause tooth decay. Moreover, since they keep the gut healthy based on the prebiotic effect, they improve bowel movements, and also have secondary benefits such as boosting immunity and improving skin health.


Product Introduction

  • It is an oligosaccharide that has an excellent prebiotic effect and skin environment improvement effect.


Product Introduction

  • It is an oligosaccharide that has an excellent prebiotic effect.


Product Introduction

  • It is an innovative material that improves the sensory function of food and at the same time has functionality as a prebiotic.

Mixed oligosaccharides

Product Introduction

  • It is a functional oligosaccharide product that solves constipation problems and can be consumed safely.

Probiotics (Live Bacteria)

Product Introduction

  • We provide customized probiotic products for customers by using mixture of 19 different probiotics, each with well-supported health function clinical data.

Product characteristics

  • Each functional lactobacillus mix has clinical data that verifies the functions of G.I, abdominal obesity, cardiovascular disease, allergies, and kidney disease.
Product name Appearance Origin Non-GMO BSE free
17 kinds of mixed probiotic powder Powder Taiwan O O
Probio-C Powder Taiwan O O
Probio-S Powder Taiwan O O
Probio-K Powder Taiwan O O


Product Introduction

  • This is a post-biotic material containing dead cells as a powdered raw material with lactic acid bacteria metabolites.

Product characteristics

  • Each lactic acid bacteria culture powder is a post-biotic material that has the effect of improving the prevention of alcoholic liver damage, alcoholic gastritis, and bowel disease.
Product Appearance Origin Non-GMO BSE free
ConvenientV135 Powder Korea O O
MightyV140(for intestines) Powder Korea O O
GreatV133(for stomach) Powder Korea O O