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CEO Greetings

Neo Cremar Co., Ltd. is a global functional food company that designs a healthy future for mankind.

Since its foundation in 1999, Neo Cremar has been committed to the belief that it is committed to promoting a happy and healthy life for mankind. Neo Cremar has pioneered the global healthcare market by finding natural materials allowed to mankind and checking their stability and functionality based on this.

Neo Cremar will leap forward as a global healthcare company that creates value to improve the quality of life of customers by discovering new materials using excellent technology and continuously investing in R&D development.

As the aging population increases and we enter an economically affluent society, the interest in quality of life continues to increase, as food is no longer just an energy source or a taste satisfaction but an essential element that provides various functions in our daily lives.

Based on its know-how accumulated for a long time, Neo Cremar will strive to keep the best quality in the eyes of customers through continuous management innovation. 

Keeping its pride in being the driving force behind the development of the ever-changing nutraceutical market, Neo Cremar will continue to move forward so that it can have differentiated competitiveness and development capabilities to satisfy the rapidly changing needs of customers and create new added value. 

Neo Cremar will continue to strive to grow into a functional company trusted in domestic as well as global markets through continuous management innovation. 

In addition, We promise to lead change and comply with ethical management policies. We asks for your continued participation, interest, and warm support. Thank you for your support with deep faith and concern.


CEO Han Kisoo & Lee Changseok

CEO Han Kisoo

CEO Choi Hyeongseok