Neo-Cremar receives GRAS certification from the FDA

Food ingredient company Neo-Cremar announced on the 8th that it has received GRAS certification from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). GRAS certification is a certification given to food additives that have been evaluated by the FDA and recognized as safe for use in the manufacture, processing, packaging, transportation, and storage of food.

Eatless (DNF-10) is a peptide material that is hydrolyzed from natural yeast, which Neo-Cremar has developed independently. It is known to help reduce body fat by suppressing fat synthesis. It is also known to be effective in lowering cholesterol levels and regulating blood sugar levels, so it is expected to be widely used in health functional foods and processed foods.

Han Ki-su, CEO of Neo-Cremar, said, “This GRAS certification is an international recognition of the safety and excellence of Eatless (DNF-10).” “We will continue to develop a variety of health functional foods and processed foods using Eatless (DNF-10) to lead the global market.”

Meanwhile, Neo-Cremar plans to strengthen marketing in major countries such as the United States, Europe, and China for the global market entry of Eatless (DNF-10). It is also planning to accelerate the development of new foods using Eatless (DNF-10).