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Neo Cremar is a specialized manufacturer of functional food ingredients and food additives,
manufacturing and supplying various functional carbohydrates, proteins and organic ingredients.

Functional carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is an important source of energy and also is a major component of taste. Neo Cremar produces various functional oligosaccharide and Palatinose as sugar substitutes.

Functional protein

Protein is an essential component of the human body and various chemical reactions. Neo Cremar manufactures protein ingredients with various functions such as weight loss, height growth and muscular strength improvement.

Solubilized functional ingredients

Fat-soluble food ingredients don’t dissolve in water, making it difficult to apply to liquid products. Neo Cremar provides various fat-soluble ingredients solubilized by a water solubilization technology and distributes products that can be applied to various finished products.

Organic ingredients

Neo Cremar manufactures a variety of certificated organic ingredients without using any chemical fertilizer, pesticides or antibiotics.


Microbiome refers to the microbial community in a specific environment, such as the intestine or skin of the human body, which can affect nutrient absorption, metabolism, immune system and nervous system development, as well as various diseases and prevention.

Disease-associated research

Neo Cremar uses NGS technology to study associations with diseases according to changes in the intestinal microflora of humans who ingested galactooligosaccharides.

Prebiotics development

Prebiotics accelerate the growth and development of beneficial intestinal bacteria, serving as a food source for Lactobacillus. Oligosaccharides are not decomposed by human digestive enzymes and serve as a food source for Lactobacillus in the intestine. Neo Cremar manufactures various oligosaccharides and distributes them.

Cosmetics development

Neo Cremar’s galactooligosaccharides has various functions on the skin, such as reducing harmful bacteria, increasing skin-beneficial bacteria, increasing skin surface moisture and controlling melanin and erythema. And it was registered as a cosmetic ingredient in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary(ICID).

Functional foods

Neo Cremar is a specialized manufacturing company that develops functional ingredients and finished product using them, and has research experience and know-how of various categories through industry-university cooperation.

Care food for seniors

As science continues to advance, opportunities to extend our lifespan have arisen, resulting in the country entering an aging society. 

As we age, our bodies deteriorate, including our ability to eat, creating a need for care food that considers taste, texture, and nutrition for seniors. Therefore, Neo Cremar is developing care food for seniors as well as dysphagia patients.


3D food printing is a convergence of complex technologies that allow for the texture and hardness of food to be adjusted to match consumers’ eating abilities.

With minimal intake, it can fully satisfy the nutritional needs of consumers while reproducing the shape and taste of regular foods.

3D food printing presents the most ideal solution for creating customized food for each age group, going beyond the technical limits of current soft foods.

Substitute food

Neo Cremar is developing alternative foods, such as plant-based meat and cultured meat, to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by the increase in world population and meat consumption.

Plant-based meat

Plant-based meat is a food that has a similar texture and taste to natural meat, achieved by using vegetable proteins such as beans and wheat as raw materials. This technology must be developed for the sake of our health, animal welfare, and the global environment.

Cultured meat

Cultured meat is a meat food made by culturing cells for animal welfare and the global environment. Neo Cremar is conducting research with the goal of producing cultured meat through cell culture by collecting chicken muscle stem cells.

Customized Health Functional Food

Neo Cremar is a specialized manufacturing company that develops functional materials and finished products through industry-university cooperation. They have research experience and know-how in various fields.

Unique Nutrients only for you

Health functional food is a food manufactured and processed using raw materials or ingredients that are useful for the human body, and is a good means to improve the quality of life and prevent diseases by maintaining a healthy life. Customized health functional foods are functional foods that analyze consumers’ lives and eating habits and suggest health functional foods that consumers need through an advisory group that has studied functional foods for years. Through these customized functional foods, effective health care can be achieved by reducing unnecessary nutrition and supplementing only the parts that consumers lack.


Neo Cremar is expanding its business to the healthcare industry and conducting research on various diseases, including the discovery of new biologic medicines, natural product drugs, and pharmaceutical supplements.

Antibody treatment for inflammatory bowel disease

We’re developing a treatment for inflammatory disease using a fusion protein fused with an antibody and cytokine related to an inflammatory response in intestinal epithelial cells.

Muscle disease treatment

We’re developing natural new drugs for the treatment of sarcopenia using natural extracts and other active ingredients that we have found the effects of myoblast propagation, differentiation and muscle regeneration in animal models.