An introductory presentation about CoreBlast5 was held at the Tokyo International Forum

An introductory presentation on CoreBlast was held during the Health Food Expo, Ingredients and Contract Manufacturing 2024 at the Tokyo International Forum on April 24 and 25, 2024

In this presentation, which lasted for 25 minutes in front of an audience of approximately 30 people, CoreBlast was introduced as follows:

  • Introduction to CoreBlast®: CoreBlast® is a low molecular weight whey protein concentrate (WPC) produced by enzymatic hydrolysis. With an average molecular weight of 1,000 Da, it has superior absorbability compared to regular WPC and includes the LDIQK peptide, which contributes to enhanced athletic performance and muscle synthesis.
  • Efficacy Test Results: In mouse experiments, CoreBlast® demonstrated positive effects on muscle strength recovery in a state of decreased muscle strength, increased muscle mass, muscle synthesis, and a positive influence on muscle atrophy factors. It has also been suggested that the LDIQK peptide is involved in these effects.
  • Human Application Trials: CoreBlast® has also shown positive results in improving muscle strength and exercise performance in human clinical trials.
  • Safety and Patents: CoreBlast® has been recognized as an individually acknowledged health functional food by the Korea Food & Drug Administration and has obtained patents in Japan and Korea.

Exhibition Dates: April 24 – April 25, 2024 
Exhibition Name: Health Food Expo, Ingredients and Contract Manufacture 2024 
Exhibition Venue: Tokyo International Forum